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Photography Features

Sat Jan 28, 2012, 10:10 AM
First of all...
I'm in trouble. :cry: Serious trouble. I'm supposed to be working on my Biology project but here I am up here on dA. :\ Exams on February 6th and I'm really scared. Depressed. And completely frustrated and am in a panic attack. :( I've also become paranoid. :icononionpanicplz:

Now, lets not make this very gloomy and so I'm done with the reality for now. Here are the recent DDs I've suggested. Congrats to all of you :clap: Well deserved! :la:
stock 80 by yale-stock portrait of spring by sandranataly Its Just Names by jamesy165 Merry Christmas.xoxo.Papa Nowl by bells31ita The Kite by blue-a

Here are some of the amazing shots I've seen here on dA.
The Eye - The Window to the Soul by LeannaStreignarddots by michellis13habitual by bailey--elizabethRed cherry by LioniqueLife's short by LioniqueKlimop by Lionique:thumb280710360:Don't take life too serious by AnneLysawater ballet II by Bethemthe flower keeper by JulietsoundFlyAway by alokbarsoI'd love to break your heart by May-Machinfall-ing by Michelle-FennelLook Into My Eyes by LiiQaBeinta by MiriamJanusMy dear mirror by bellatrixaidenSalmon Beach2 by fae-photographyalive but barely breathing by sarahannlorethIllusions by xxIMPERFECTIONS:thumb253264248:California dream V by 6Artificial6Ethereal Reflections by LexieJensenAura by AaronMcPolinwhen you're all alone... Pt. B by bye-bye-omoideThe Queen of the Freaks, [Preview] by ShadyBluesStrong lines bitter eyes by sanjalydiaCello breath by rossalev-andreyValentino by RodikVeronlike a bird II by systematycznychaosIf destiny is already written by Julie-de-WaroquierFrom the Past by Amanda-DiazJungle by Amanda-DiazAttrape-Reves by ikai-zixie

Recent Works by Me
i am levitation by above-the-skiesher abandoning by above-the-skies NobodyHere I am living this lie
Walking through days with no grace
Got no aim, vision or destiny
I'm just stumbling aimlessly
I walk through crowds
With a frown on my face
And no one minds to ask me why
Because of course, I'm the drama queen
Can't you see the scars on my hand?
They say so much more than my words seem to
Don't you see that I'm going through hell?
I cry myself to bed every night and wake up screaming
I thought I had people to count on
Where have you gone now?
I now know that your love was a lie
But I need to ask why did you lie?
I'm nothing but shattered glass
Broken into a million jagged pieces
Screaming for you to put me back
But you've already turned your back on me
I'm sorry that I trusted you
You've just left me frustrated
But I need to know would you know my pain
If our positions were switched for once?
Do you know that I cry for you
Seeing you with that old cold hag
You know that I needed you the most
When everyone else abandoned me
I never thought you would too
Now I n
Fade To Black by above-the-skiesLove n Pain by above-the-skies:thumb277225923:
Take care! :huggles:

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Ophelia's Death

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 7, 2012, 10:52 AM
Well, I was suddenly inspired to do this feature of all the pieces up on deviantART  with the central character as Ophelia from Hamlet. Sorry I'm feeling a bit lazy today so straight to the feature! :heart: And gladly even this journal skin seems to be fitting! :giggle:

Ophelia. by zemotionOphelia by eronippleophelia by logosles+Ophelia+ by TGA-TsurugiOphelia by mairimartOphelia by JesCallieOphelia by AlexandraVBachThe Death of Ophelia by ZoulvisiaOphelia by VKartOphelia by PinkParasolOphelia by CaroleHumphreysOphelia by theaudone:thumb183439933:Ashes of Ophelia's death by LuneBleuOphelia by Laura-FerreiraOphelia by iomaSatyOphelia and others by ElenaKalisOphelia by BlackLillyFlowerOphelia by elavoriaOphelia by MckeeDspost mortem session 1 by empatia-stock

A big hug to all of you out there! :hug:

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  • Reading: Fallen by Lauren Kate

Devious Journal Entry

Sat Dec 24, 2011, 8:09 AM
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  • Reading: The Summoning
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Christmas Time!

Wow! Its Christmas already! First of all...
:happybounce: A Very Merry Christmas To All of You :happybounce:

Here's a little gift.
The Christmas by above-the-skies
I hope you all are having fun. :aww: This is actually a feature journal so, I'll get to the point.

"Selfmade" by Slairea
This is something I suggested for DD and finally one of my suggestions made it! :happydance: Am so happy and do check out the artist  :iconslairea: She has a very beautiful gallery and her style of editing is quite different.

Now here are the wonderful pieces I found lately. I hope you like them too.

Human Machine by MirellaSantana Guardian Angel by TheDarkRayne Make It Through The Storm by cherryx94 Harmless Death by j3ff3rson turning blue by justangel .:Awaiting the Night:. by Morteque Wonderland Blunderland by nina-Y  blue eyed beauty by secret-fantasyRemember When It Rained by NoorL3yoon Free Spirit by LittlePurpleBee :thumb204289666: Leap of Faith by slight-art-obsession


Behind Reality by Aerohana :thumb265952279: Bleeding Love by Kezzi-Rose Skyward by Thomas-Koidhis keys to my heart by JeanFan Life Charging by Slairea :thumb180330563: :thumb265418513: _caught in memories. by Bloddroppe The harmony II by AlexandraSophie Black Pearls by la-esmeraldaIllusions II by xxIMPERFECTIONS Up and Round it goes by Ibilicious

Random Artworks

Together by scathing-sanity Fade by marcocasalvieri PULSE by A-D-McGowan Moon Geun Young by Eonnichan Oblivious by fdasuarez :thumb203750383:

Premium Membership

Yes, I got myself premium membership again. Actually, it was a bribe from dad. I am supposed to be on a vacation with my family right now but dad had to cancel all the wonderful plans. I am really upset and he tried to cheer me up by letting me upgrade to premium membership so yeah. :shrug: My mood is still pretty gloomy but I'll have to survive I guess. Anyways, I've been planning to do a lot many features and am gonna be taking up suggestions too. So yea, stay tuned darlings. :heart:

I am back! Not like I ever went away, but am back with doing photomanipulations. I was unable to do what I love because of a lot of reasons but right now am completely depressed and this seems to be the only way I can let go of my emotions. Ever heard of "being in a crowd but feeling lonely" ? I feel exactly that way. Life seems to be complicated. And all I seem to be able to do is cry and nothing more. I have become an "emo" and people don't blame me because I am just sixteen! Going through this phase is turning out to be difficult than what I thought it would be. I have always dreamed of being in high school but now that I am, I don't feel happy with this. :( Everything seems to be wrong. Misplaced. I have done quite a lot of damage to myself and people surrounding me. And now life feels pointless. Am having extremely negative thoughts and I don't know what I'm doing! :'( Feels like death is a way out but am not brave enough to do that. Hurting myself seems to be my only way and that's all I am doing. :( I try to reach out to people but nobody cares! :cry:

Life hurts. :depressed:
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Contests, contests, contests!

Journal Entry: Wed May 18, 2011, 6:45 AM

Clearly, I have become a contest freak! :O Made an entry for the Create the Impossible contest held by the lovely :iconnirelstock:! Thank God that the deadline was moved from May 16th to July 1st. So go and enter soon! :D Aaannndddd the results of :iconmrnoxx:'s 7 Word contest is up! Congrats to all the winners! I am so glad that I won a Honorable Mentions Prize! :woohoo: :pat: Thank you so much to everyone for conducting the contest and also to :iconjoannevance: for the 100 :points:! :tighthug: Thanks a lot! :woohoo: Also sorry about the over usage of :woohoo:! :ashamed: I am in love with it! :heart: Another great news for me would be that I just got myself a Premium Membership at :devart: just so that I can have journal skins and put up features, stamps and everything! :giggle: Am so happy! But my mood just goes down when I think about my Grade 10 results which are coming out tomorrow! :worried: Fingers crossed! Anyways, here are some of the most wonderful artworks on DeviantART! And also some stamps. Well, some is the understatement of the year. :oops: Hope you like them! :aww: Tell me what you are upto! :)


The World is a Playground by xetobyte the bad colour by Eisblume Lady Nature by kazelisa Lost by illuphotomax The Swan by CindysArt Pool OF FearS by intano brush fire + fog no.1 by carynvstheworld Alsafi by wchild moon's bride I by prismes Of Darkness and Hope by AlexandraVBach Sulfur IV by MarcelaBolivar Above and Sea by VampireDarlla Lost by SylwiaS Heart of Forest by Aeternum-Art Life As We Know It by DreamOfMorbidLullaby Mysteria by BigBad-Red :thumb191729793: You are beautiful... by LizzDurr121 Red roses2 by NadyaBird Pink by weeyo24x :thumb202007625:

My New Artworks

Chaos by above-the-skies Out From Under by above-the-skies :thumb209192731: Reaching You by above-the-skies

Stamps I Support

Protected by Vampires stamp by purgatori Stamp. by Trynnie Takeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFox 'Notes make me feel special' stamp by Synfull NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz stamp by Akuchi-Nobara Ivy Stamp by AlectorFencer pluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxX :thumb28855915: freak Stamp by zilla774 Stamp by Alephunky Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine swear by Fyi-Sus DA Stamps: black is love by eleoyasha So Many Books by LaPurr ::Sci-Fi Stamp:: by BlackCapuchin :thumb114173998: First Stamp by the-tora-fish Science by stampystampy [Stamp] Science by Creepiest I hate math. by Niissi DA Stamp - I Love Movies 01 by tppgraphics Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose book than movie stamp by PatienceiAIO Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Ev. Stamp by q8oceanic Angel Stamp by deadspaceheart fAngel II stamp by DeviantSith :thumb58200634: Dark Art 2 stamp by deviantStamps Indian Flag Stamp by ascorbic-when Technologically Advanced by death-wishes KFC... -Stamp by geniefox

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Words For You

Phew!! At last I got over being SO  lazy to even write a proper journal entry! I promise to keep up this area updated from now! :D Well, I am anxiously waiting for the results for MrNoxx's contest. My entry was The Death of A Rose!

I really hope it wins! And I just can't wait for the results to be put up! :worry: This is the first contest I am participating in :devart: and it would be amazing if I could get even the Honorable Mentions prizes!

I really need to get around to replying to comments and thanking people for their wonderful support! *sighs* But you see, am extremely lazy. :shrug: I am hoping to do that after I publish my journal.. :( And I also find it really unfair that I am unable to feature wonderful art works in my journal just because I can't afford to have Premium Membership! :(


:iconvapidity: - Thank you for helping me out! :aww:


My Featured Work
That Little Creepy Girl by ~above-the-skies

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Wee-hee! Yay! Its my new deviantART account and I am so happy because I have uploaded two deviations on my first day! I am so excited and its really nice because this site really makes me feel like a designer! I am so happy right now! Its so good!